Providing solutions to customers “case by case”

TM Fleet is based in St Petersburg FL and is a division of the Jpt Group. We have a proven track record of providing customers with state of the art GPS Technology. We have been providing solutions to customers “case by case” since 2008.

Our management team has been working with GPS technologies since 1994. Our first experience with GPS technologies was with the US military for navigational and weapons guidance purposes. Before that our team was in the trucking industry where satellite and Sim card based tracking was just getting started  Today, TM Fleet serves customers throughout North and south America. We have stretched our global footprint through Europe, Central America and recently set our attention to Africa.

Since those early beginnings we have diversified our GPS tracking solution product offerings to more niche markets. The rise in crime rates related to vehicle theft created a strong demand for the development of additional Units to monitor Heavy equipment Anti-theft, Sub-prime vehicle finance, Power sports and more.

Locate on demand units come with NO monthly fee and can be packaged with up to 3 years of airtime. Each of our solutions is tailored to our customer’s needs as well as their specific operating environments. There are situations where too much information is overkill. Our systems offer “set and forget” parameter’s that allow you to manage issues as opposed to micro managing each component of your company.

Our Goal is to provide you with an effective yet easy-to-use GPS tracking solutions for your business. We offer easy-self install devices or they can be installed by a trained technician. None of our solutions require software uploads to your computer. we are cloud based. Work from any computer in any part of the world and monitor your fleet 24/7.