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Construction Equipment Trackers

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Equipment Rental GPS Tracking

Rental Equipment GPS Tracking System Marketing Sheet

In 2008 the $25 billion U.S equipment rental industry was hit hard by the recession as rentals of construction equipment dried up along with construction activity. Now, increased demand during the economic recovery has the market leaders growing again.  That shift is a growing amount of small to medium Rental facilities that once thought that they were too small or safe from theft due to their customer base to consider using a GPS tracking system. Additionally back then all “live: tracking devices came with a long term contract and a monthly fee.
The construction market is heating up again so is the need for GPS Tracking. TMF GPS tracking provides equipment rental companies with real-time location and data withNO MONTHLY FEE-CONTRACT, allowing their customer base to monitor the actual usage of their equipment and schedule maintenance accordingly.

Monitor Equipment. Manage Maintenance. Make Decisions.
Our customers have discovered that theft is only one issue that can eat away at their bottom line. For smaller and medium size rental facilities the theft of a Bobcat or crane could prove fatal to their business. They now also know that unauthorized use and late returns can eat into the bottom line just as much. It can be difficult to track actual usage when equipment is rented out for days or weeks at a time. Routine maintenance can be overlooked, leading to even more serious problems in the future.. Misplaced or stolen vehicles can cost your company large sums of money. Under billing or overbilling can lead to less profits or unsatisfied customers

“It is really convenient to look at where our rental units are and how much customers are running them.” – Steve, Tampa Area Leasing Services

With actionable data, you can extend equipment life, eliminate unnecessary service costs and increase billing accuracies with one easy-to-use system.

* Improve Maintenance Scheduling
* Accurate Customer Billing
* Extend Equipment Life
* Reduce Equipment Theft or Loss
* Prevent Equipment Downtime


Learn how your equipment rental business can save time and money by installing a “live Tracking” GPS anti-theft Tracking system with NO MONTHLY FEE – NO CONTRACT..


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