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October 18, 2016 - 0 Comment

It is very unusual to walk into a rental boat company and be told that they have never thought of using a GPS tracking systems to help in the daily operations and to increase safety for their customers. Renting boats to inexperienced boaters can be quite challenging even with all the safety precautions that you use are in place.

I have heard costs. Monthly fees and 2-4 year contracts have been the biggest deterrent to purchasing a system. At Tmfleet We have Neither. That’s right NO MONTHLY FEES and NO CONTRACT

If your experience is like our present customers before they had a system, once your customer leaves the dock with one of your boats/jet skis, you have no idea where they are actually going or exactly when they will be back. You probably provide them with a map with suggested routes, verbal instructions where “not to go” and you give them a specific time to return. Without our system our customers told us that was not enough to ensure a safe day and a timely return.

It is obvious that our systems will help keep your customers safer. However, these systems will also improve your operations. After setting up your zone alerts (Geo-fences) in strategic areas around bridges, low water areas and maybe another one covering the entrance and exit to open water, you will now have total control of your fleet.

If a customer happens to drive the boat/Jet ski into a restricted area, you are immediately notified on your phones by email or text. You can then log on to the system and wait to see if they decide to turn around or if they stay in that restricted area against your instructions. In some cases, you may have to text message or call your customers to alert them that they have put themselves and your boat in danger by going past the allowed areas. With the tides and currents of the gulf and low water points in the intercostal its much safer for your customers if you know where they are located at all times.

Call me today to set up an in person or online demo to see the system work, answer any questions you may have and receive your free no-obligation quote.

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